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Health Benefits

Health BenefitsHow civilizations raise their animals has a tremendous affect on one's health, the environment, and the animals themselves. Missouri Grass Fed Beef is dedicated to sustainable agricultural and organic practices, which are the healthiest choices for people, animals, and the environment.

Through our practices, we provide our customers with meat that has greater nutritional value than meat from feedlot animals; our animals are healthy and live life the way they were meant to — out on the pasture; and we actually help create healthy land and other environmental benefits.

Raising grass-fed meat has numerous advantages:

Greater Nutritional Value for People

Greater Nutritional ValueThe old saying, "We are what we eat," is very true, and it applies not only to humans but also to animals. Grass-fed meat has very different nutritional profiles than feedlot products and is much more healthy than its feedlot counterparts.
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Greater Health for the Animals

Animal HealthBecause we ethically and humanely raise our beef on pasture, eating natural diets for cattle, our animals live low stress lives and eat healthy diets; therefore, we don't need or use antibiotics. Also, we don't use growth hormones or steroids.
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Environmental Benefits

Greater Nutritional ValueBecause we use sustainable, organic practices, we actually are creating a net benefit to the environment.
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