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Missouri Grass Fed BeefMissouri Grass Fed Beef appreciates your comments, so please send us an email to let us know what you think of our beef and your overall experience. Thanks!

Love the beef. We have made a delicious beef stew and this last Saturday I simmered soup bones for 8 hours to make the most delicious French Onion soup I've ever made.
I'm promoting you all over my school, sent out a mass e-mail after I made my order. One of my colleagues is very interested and waiting to hear how our first steak tastes. I'm sure I'll be able to give her a delectable report.
Thanks for catching the weight difference.

Hi Jeremy,

It was nice to meet you today!

I have to tell you about our amazing experience. I let one of the sirloin steaks thaw somewhat, enough to slice it while it was partially frozen to make pepper beef. The color of the meat was absolutely amazing. I couldn't believe it. There was no marbling whatsoever. It was beautiful. Then, I cooked it up. It was amazingly SO tender and flavorful! It was fabulous; we've never had such wonderful beef.

We definitely will hand out your business cards to those people who wanted to buy your beef and let our other friends know. I may need some more cards, and I'll let you know.

Happy Thanksgiving!



It was great to meet you yesterday! We cooked two porterhouse steaks
last night and they were super tender and flavorful.

One question: do you sell free range chicken or pork? If you do, could
you provide prices? If not, is there anyone you'd recommend?

Have a great holiday!

The beef is GREAT! Thanks and have a good Thanksgiving


We are absolutely still in for the half beef! I am actually using my very last roast from the last one tonight!
I can talk with Swiss to give them cutting directions - but I don't know when to contact them. Will they contact me to let me know they are ready for instructions? Or do I just call them anytime?
Thanks again for taking our order - I am very excited to have more of the MO Grass Fed Beef at our dinner table. Take care,

Thought I'd let you know that I just blogged about you. Here's the link if you want to read/share the post. http://fusionhandcrafts.blogspot.com/2009/11/jeremy-cow.html If you like the post, feel free to link to it on your site.

Just one more way to spread a little "word of mouth" for you.

Bobbie Sue Hill

The meat is great! We are actually doing the arm roasts for a special dinner tonight with Dave's parents.
Also, any tips on how to do the Rump Roast? Can we do it in a crock?


 Thanks so much, Jeremy. Turns out we had strep--good thing we kept away after all! After the Dec 7 date, when will you next be processing? We are trying to see what fits the budget but after eating your meat--well, you've ruined us for anything else. It's all just chemical tasting mush--and the time we ate Walmart hamburger at a friends, we all had stomach problems. So now we are believers in your beef for sure! We may not be able to swing Dec 7, but we'll be completely out soon after that so I wanted to check and see if you have a January date or if you stop until spring or what.
We'd love to try farm day again should you do another one too.

Mary Kay

Nice to hear from you!  We just picked up our beef this weekend and had our first taste of it last night in the form of a sirloin roast.  Oh my it was so yummy!  The beef had the most wonderful flavor, texture and moisture.  I like to think it helped that I am a good cook, but I have cooked plenty enough to know the ingredients are always the real star.  And it is wonderful to look at just raw- so vibrantly colored, and the fat is a creamy ivory instead of pale white.  It was a hoot for me to pilfer through the boxes and see what all the cuts were.  Truly this is more variety and quantity of beef than we have ever had and I am exited at all the new possibilities it p
resents in my kitchen.
Thanks for answering all my questions and for being so helpful.  Have a wonderful holiday season and hopefully I'll be in touch again in 6-12 months for another one!


Made fajitas last week with the sirloin from this year and some flank I had from last year. Awsume!


Hi Jeremy!

Happy new year to you guys as well!

We celebrated New Year's with a standing rib roast that was just delicious! You have very satisfied customers here! Every piece of meat that we have prepared has been great-very lean and very tasty! We will certainly be repeat customers and we give your name to everyone as a source for great beef.

I have not heard back from the pork and poultry folks you gave us, so I will send them another email or call them. Thanks again and as soon as we are ready for another purchase we will be talking!

Happy New Year!


Just wanted to send you a quick note and say thanks. I've had a chance this week to grill some of the sirloin and slow cook one of the roasts, and I have to say that they were both amazing. This is some of the best beef I've ever eaten and hands down the best that I've ever prepared myself. Thanks for all that you do, I'm sure we'll be in touch before too long after I've devoured what I have and I'm looking for more!

Tim Layton

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