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The following resources may help you develop a greater understanding of Missouri Grass Fed Beef products, along with other grass-fed and pastured products. There is much to discover!

Our Beef Vs. Grocery Store Costs

Here's a link about the cost percentages of buying a half or whole beef from us versus a grocery store. This is from one of my customers and is on her blog site. She did a great job of breaking everything down and making comparisons.


Missouri Grass Fed Beef - Doreen's Chili

Organizations and Agencies

Eat Wild - Eat Wild is the number one site for grass-fed food and facts. (We are a proud member.)

Local Harvest - Website to find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area. (We are a proud member. You can write a review.)


Pasture PerfectPasture Perfect by Jo Robinson

"In this breakthrough book, Robinson explores the new grass-fed phenomenon. She explains why tens of thousands of people are saying 'no' to factory farming..."

The Omnivore's DilemmaOmnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan

What should we eat? Michael Pollan writes an eye-opening book about our industrial food supply and other possible choices.

In Defense of FoodIn Defense of Food by Michael Pollan

Follow-up to Michael Pollan's bestseller, The Omnivore's Dilemma.


Missouri Grass Fed Beef - beef tongue pot roast and potatoes


"Want guilt-free steak? Go against the grain" - From Women's Health Magazine: Research shows that grass-fed beef is leaner and more eco friendly

"Power Steer" - Article by Michael Pollan talking about grass-fed animals vs. feedlot animals (I recommend reading this if nothing else.)


Holy Cows & Hog HeavenHoly Cows & Hog Heaven by Joel Salatin

"...This book teaches the consumer about farming, so that both farmer and consumer can partner together to support a healthier food system. ..."

Any other books by Joe Salatin


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