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Costs for a Whole or Half Beef

We raise the beef animals on our farm until they are about 12 to 14 months old.

Whole Beef

Half Beef
(Side of Beef)

Price per pound of carcass or hanging weight* $4.90/lb $4.90/lb
Average carcass or hanging weight in lbs 400-500 200-250
Number of Pounds of Finished Meat°
300-400 150-200
Processing Price/lb. of carcass or hanging weight shrink - $0.50/lb vacuum - $0.75/lb + $0.00 butcher and disposal shrink - $0.50/lb
vacuum - $0.75/lb +
$0 butcher and disposal
Total Price $2160-$2825 $1080-$1412
Freezer Space Needed (approximate) 10-14 cu. ft. 5-7 cu. ft.
Delivery Options
  • Pick up at the butcher
  • Delivery to St. Louis - $25.00
  • Shipping - contact us

*Carcass or hanging weight is the weight of the animal after it is killed and the head, hide, innards, and hooves are removed.

°Weight of finished meat varies, depending on the size of the animal and processing options.

†You will pay Swiss’s processing fee which is about $0.50 – 0.75/lb carcass weight for processing and packaging plus a $0.00 butcher and disposal fee (these are separate from the cost to us).

‡Approximate Whole Beef cost breakdown: carcass weight 400-500# X $4.90/lb. (cost to Missouri Grass Fed Beef) + 400-500# X $0.50-0.75/lb. Processing (cost to Swiss) + $0.00 butcher fee = $2160-$2825 (Take half of these amounts for an approximate Half Beef cost breakdown)












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